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Widely Recommended by Therapists and Physicians!

Liu's Book List - Widely Recommended by Therapists and Physicians!

How to Eliminate Depression, Anxiety and Marriage Problems by Using Self-Help Books, CDs and DVDs

lifechampcds2Do you have depression, anxiety or marriage problems but don’t want counseling because it is too embarrassing or medication because it has side effects? Or, maybe you are in counseling, but want to speed-up the results. You will find the great training tips about Anxiety and Marriage Problems in this website

Wondering if something other than medication, psychotherapy or counseling might help you? After all, once in psychotherapy and counseling, you will have to confront unpleasant facts, such as subconscious motivations and desires.

Why might you need to use a self-help tool rather than signing up with a counselor or other doctor?

First, confronting your unconscious may be frightening because there may be much that you would just not want to become aware of. You might be worried that you might feel excessive anxiety.

After all, if you became conscious of any unflattering drives and motivations, you might not feel very good about yourself. Much of our anxiety and depression has its genesis in our family of origin and childhood.

Because of childhood trials we experience lots of negative experiences that are often traumatizing. We also have to confront the destructive impact that our childhood defense mechanisms have had on us.

Defense mechanisms are emotional techniques that we use in childhood to relieve our anxiety. These include projection, displacement, rationalization etc. which are often useful in childhood but can be devastating in adulthood.

Later, in adulthood, they become dysfunctional and cause painful levels of depression and anxiety. As children, these methods reduced our anxiety, sufficiently enough so that we could effectively manage our feelings.

By continuing to use these defense mechanisms in our adult years, we begin to experience painful emotional problems. Professional psychotherapy is designed to bring these defenses to awareness so that we can live a higher quality life.

However, not everyone benefits from counseling and psychotherapy. What personal attributes does one need to benefit from counseling?

The ability to reflect and discuss issues mindfully and analytically is crucial as is the possession of sufficient financial resources to support the process. You must be able to trust your counselor and be enthusiastic and optimistic about the counseling outcome.

Unfortunately, some people are skeptical about the counseling process, have had poor results in the past or want to try something else before starting it. Most people are fearful of the side effects of medication and others do not have enough money to participate in private counseling.

What is a person to do? Fortunately, new self-help programs called Self-Therapy Kits (STKs) are now available and are guaranteed to provide fast results. It’s like having your own therapist at your disposal 24/7, without going through the anxiety or inconvenience of having to talk with a stranger.